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Alliance Help Operators Stamp Individuality Through Tableware

Until recently restaurant interior design and choice of tableware has been led by tradition and themes that typically fit the cuisine on offer. However, establishments are now increasingly influenced by fashion and interior design when choosing their aesthetics.

For example, in the past, an Italian restaurant may have had a very patriotic red, white and green theme with check-patterned table coverings and wooden authentic chairs and tables. However, we now see operators accepting change and looking to stamp their individuality on the market. Establishments are increasingly aware of the link in style trends in fashion and interior design and more often choose to incorporate them into the ambience they try to create.

Alliance highlights some current trends in the market, but note that each trend should be considered in the context of the operator. One of these trends includes ‘soft & calm’, which would include pastel tones and delicate designs that evoke nostalgia in the customer and give a retro and vintage feel. Use whites, blues and pinks to create this, with smooth lines and flowing shapes, which can be represented in the selection of smooth, rounded crockery. To add to the elements of tranquillity, select floral designs and patterns.

Image Credit: Alliance

A further trend identified by Alliance is that of industrial and craft; concepts that are more often seen in smokehouses, steakhouses and rustic dining outlets. Materials such as woods, brickwork and exposed bulbs are just a few elements that help create this look. This can be further achieved through worn effect tableware, gunmetal and vintage copper. This look can be extended into the way food is served, for example using wooden boards as plating options, alongside metal elements, such as mini wired baskets for side dishes. While this theme has come to light in some more individual pop-up restaurants, it is undoubtedly going to develop into a more widespread trend in the coming months.

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Another emerging trend is that of “Bright & Beautiful”, which is exactly as it reads. Operators are taking influence from Middle Eastern, North African style and Caribbean patterns and colours, which involve the use of bold tones but in a more sophisticated manner. This trend highlights the concept of dining without borders and establishments’ now taking influence from around the globe not only in their menus, but also in their tableware.

Bright Landscape
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When selecting your tableware, it is important to also consider your table linen, as it can transform a dining room. One of our suppliers, Mitre Linen, recommends a crisp white table linen in order to create an elegant look. It is a simple technique that can be used to naturally soften noise levels in a busy restaurant and therefore create the perfect ambience. Plain white is also still perceived as the most luxurious colour, so select this option if this is the desired look. Each operator will have a different customer base they are targeting and therefore will wish to create an individual look and feel, so it is very important to understand the demographic in order to ensure the tableware and theming is appealing and appropriate.

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